Chambered in the YUGOSLAVIAN MODEL 59/66 SKS 7.62x39mm, the Model 59/66 SKS is compatible with the same ammunition used in the iconic AK-47 rifle. This cartridge is renowned for its effectiveness in intermediate-range engagements, making the rifle suitable for a variety of applications, including military service and civilian use.


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The YUGOSLAVIAN MODEL 59/66 SKS 7.62x39mm is a unique and historically significant semi-automatic rifle chambered in the widely used 7.62x39mm cartridge. Developed in the former Yugoslavia, this rifle is an adaptation of the Soviet-designed Simonov SKS, which gained popularity during the mid-20th century.

The Model 59/66 SKS showcases distinctive Yugoslavian modifications, setting it apart from other variants of the SKS. One of its notable features is the addition of a grenade launcher SKS 40rd Mag 7.62x39mm attachment,sks carbine 7.62x39mm a characteristic not commonly carabine sks cal 7 62x39mm found in other SKS models. This launcher allows the rifle to fire rifle grenades, providing versatility in combat scenarios.

Is the Russian SKS a good rifle?

The SKS rifle was an improvement, but it was not a prime example of 1940s precision and craftsmanship. Still, the government liked it because it was easy to use, maintain, carbine sks cal 7 62x39mm and manufacture. It was also cheap and quick to produce for the large number of Russian troops.

Is the SKS a good weapon?

Is the SKS-45 a good rifle? Yes, with caveats. If one uses it with the standard 10-round magazine and loads it with extractor clips or single bullets, then it is a decent rifle.

Built to endure harsh conditions and deliver reliable performance, the Yugoslavian Model 59/66 SKS boasts a robust construction. The rifle typically features a durable hardwood stock, providing a classic and timeless appearance. Its gas-operated, semi-automatic action offers a balanced blend of firepower and ease of use.


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