Yugoslavian M59/66 SKS Wood Stock USE



Yugoslavian m59/66 SKS wood stock use is in very good condition. The beautiful dark wood stock has some dings and knicks here and there, but overall, it is very solid stock. 

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Yugoslavian m59/66 SKS wood stock use 

In the SKS realm, the M59 is another rare variant, a little more common overall than the Albanian. When you compare their production to, say, the M59/66, they are much less common. These were manufactured at the factory in Zastava, also commonly known as Zastava FRY, the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, prior to the Yugoslav variants of the SKS, was Serbia and Montenegro, a name used from 1992 to 2006 to show its established federation. Due to the breakup of Yugoslavia, Mosin Nagant m1944 Russian 44, the nation’s history is filled with border exchanges and conflicts. The nation formally known as the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, or SFRY, actually manufactured these rifles.

Even after national upheavals, conflicts and changes in government, the Zastava factory or Preduzece 44 plant, also known as Zavod Crevena Zastava or Red Banner Works. And its subsidiaries are alive and well, manufacturing weapons to this day. They have also been manufacturing cars and other items for several years. Zastava Automobiles made the Yugo car in the 1980s, and today, it makes the Fiat 500L. The headquarters is located in Kragujevac, Serbia.

The Model 59 was accepted into service in 1959, according to the name. However, production began several years later, in the mid-1960s. What are estimated to have been the first production rifles are known as the Yugoslavian long-barreled SKS. These have very low serial numbers, production is estimated to be around 100, and have a barrel about 2 inches longer than a standard SKS. The remington 10 caps are due to a very low production number, the rarest of the Yugoslavian family and possibly also the rarest SKS variant. The commonly accepted date is 1961 for the production of these rifles.


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