Ultra Rare Russian TULA SKS – 7.62×39



Ultra Rare Russian Tula SKS – 7.62×39 Online

Introducing an Exquisite Find: The Ultra Rare Russian Tula SKS – 7.62×39 Enthusiasts and collectors, prepare to be captivated by this exceptional Russian SKS 1954r, a true gem in the world of firearms. While we cannot confirm its firing condition, the overall condition of this piece is nothing short of remarkable, with the firearm, stock, and finish exhibiting a stunning 95% to 98% preservation of their original glory.

One of the standout features of this piece is its robust bayonet, which is not only in perfect condition but also impressively stiff, eliminating any concerns of it being loose or wobbly. Chambered in the renowned 7.62×39 caliber, this Russian SKS 1953r retains its original configuration and has not undergone any conversions to accept magazines.

It is a firearm that embodies history in its purest form, preserving the essence of its original design and craftsmanship. Such opportunities to own a piece of this caliber are exceedingly rare, making it a collector’s delight and a conversation piece for anyone who appreciates the art and history of 1954 Tula SKS value firearms.

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Today, you hear about the Rare 7.62×39 Tula SKS, also known as the Russian SKS rarity, .30 Russian Short or Soviet M43, as often as you heard about the battle arms ar 15, .30-30 a few decades ago. Even in remote places, short Russian thirty appear and play an important role in survival batteries and hunting camps. Gun stores regularly stock ammunition for this weapon, often at almost giveaway prices. Today, there are several good rifles made in the USA for this cartridge. Still, the very inexpensive surplus of semi-automatic rifles imported from China in stupendous quantities has begun to run out. A few years ago, they typically sold for less than $. 

Today, they contribute approximately double that. When they first appeared, they were new and good guns. There were so many of them that a significant aftermarket for stocks, scope mounts, high-capacity magazines, and other add-on parts appeared on the gun scene, and many, if not most of those parts are still available, if not everywhere, they are still legal. Higher quality Russian versions, mosin nagant sniper, complete with bayonet, were occasionally seen.


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