Tula SKS Soviet Russian SKS with Sequential US Serial Numbers 1954/1958



Tula SKS Soviet Russian SKS For Online

Two Tula SKS Soviet Russian SKS with sequential US serial numbers. The guns are from 1954 and 1958. They have been together since they were imported to this country. I like new and look as if they were never fired. Each rifle had all the correct matching part numbers. Stock, Mosin 91/30, butt end, carrier, bolt trigger guard, and magazine are the same numbers. 

They included original shipping boxes, a cleaning kit, a sling, an oil container, all distributor paperwork, and a leather pouch. See pictures for what you will get. These will be peddled as a pair and will not separate. Sold as is, and the buyer is responsible for local laws. Ships to FFL only.

Tula Arsenal SKS rifle | Russian-made SKS firearm | Tula-manufactured SKS

For sale is a Soviet-era SKS carbine manufactured in 1954 with a camera of 7.62×39. This rifle comes with the original stock and lacks the upper guard.

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7.62x39mm caliber rifle | Collectible Soviet rifles

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