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The SKS M SKS D Barrel Chinese is the “pre-ban” version which has a standard length barrel, bayonet lug and spiked bayonet attached, and a standard stock (with a steel filler plate in front of the magazine). There is no official rifle like the SKS-m value. Since the SKS M stock has no specific markings on the receiver, dealers coined this term to differentiate these rifles from fixed-magazine rifles. Some people still use the term “SKS-D” to refer to any SKS that uses an AK magazine.

The 327 Magnum Ammo, SKS 16.5” barrel is the “post-ban” version, usually with a shortened “Paratrooper” barrel and no bayonet lug. The Romanian SKS value was fitted with either a thumbhole-style stock or an elegant Monte Carlo-style stock. These will usually have “SKS Sporter,” “SKS M,” “SKS NR,” or “MC 5D” stamped on the side of the receiver.

Russian SKS VS Chinese SKS | SKS 7.62×39 Made in China By Norinco Poly USA Atlanta

The year was 1999, and the SKS rifle had been on a good run. Soon, the developed world would collapse, as computers around the world would cause rolling faints due to a simple date error: Yes, ladies and gentlemen, we are talking about the year 2000.

Well, we know this article isn’t carved into a cave wall and that nothing major happened at the turn of the millennium except for a few unplanned pregnancies. However, this article deals a bit with that because it was also the last calendar year in which the Chinese SKS markings rifle could be considered a pragmatic or practical option for offensive use (at least in the United States; sorry, Canada).

Although there are variations and models from almost a dozen different countries, their standard SKS was a 20-inch 7.62x39mm semi-automatic cannon that fed from a 10-round internal magazine. Loading and reloading were carried out with extractor clips. Many were imported with folding bayonets that could only be quickly removed from the rifle with the use of tools.

They were inexpensive and easy to obtain, which largely explains their popularity in the United States. Hell, an entire cottage industry was invented seemingly solely to sell horrible accessories. Some of these efforts were attempts to address the relative shortcomings of modern rifles, and others left us sadly shaking our heads. SKS Russian markings systems are folding stocks. Upper decks with wobbly railings. Weird, ugly duck-billed pull-out magazines: you’ve seen them all, that’s for sure.


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