Russian SKS Tula 1952 7.62×39 For Online

For sale is a Russian SKS Tula 1952 7.62×39 semi-automatic rifle. Serial number: 2443. It was manufactured in 1955. This SKS is in good condition and comes with a bayonet. All serial numbers present match. They were originally designed in 1943 by Sergei Gavrilovich Simonov. The Tula arsenal SKS 1952 is a reliable, engineered and relatively inexpensive weapon. The Russian SKS rifle 1952 was first produced in the Soviet Union but was later widely shipped and manufactured by several nations. 

Its distinctive features include a permanently attached folding bayonet and a fixed-hinged magazine. As the SKS lacked selective fire capability and its magazine was restricted to ten rounds, it became obsolete in the Soviet Armed Forces with the introduction of the AK-47 in the 1950s. However, Tula factory 7.62×39 SKS carbines continued in service with troops—Soviet border troops, internal troops, and reserve and second-line army units for decades.

1952 Tula SKS Markings | Vintage Russian SKS Tula

These are the holy grail of the Authentic SKS rifle 1952. Winchester Rifled Slugs 15 pack, Collectible Tula SKS 1952 carbine. “CDI Swan, VT” import marking on the receiver. Cartridge “10” is marked on the right side of the stock. They are the serial numbers on the stock, bolt, receiver, internal magazine, and trigger guard. Walnut stock, folding bayonet, five-round internal magazine, adjustable ladder sights, original canvas sling and blued finish. The back cover has different serial numbers | Caliber/Caliber: 7.62×39 mm | Barrel Length: 20.5″ | Condition: Very Good. The bore is bright with heavy rifling. The wooden stock shows some handling wear. Almost 90% of the original finish remains.


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