Russian SKS Rare 1958 Tula “K” Letter Gun Survivor Soviet Union CCCP NICE!



Russian SKS Rare 1958 Tula “K” Letter Gun 

X-Ring Arms is pleased to offer for bid this rare and collectible Russian SKS Rare 1958 Tula “K” Letter Gun. These were late-production Tula rifles with the addition of a letter at the end of the numerical serial number. They are also distinguished by an unmarked receiver cover that normally would have the production date and Rare Tula SKS 1958 star. This rifle is in very good surplus condition, with the original non-refurbished bluing intact. The mirror’s clean chrome-lined bore is in excellent shape. All metal parts are numbers matching except for the magazine. 

The hardwood shellac stock is a replacement with forced-matched numbers and a refurbished stamp. The closest thing we could find to an import mark is a very light electro pencil mark on the left side of the receiver. This Alliant Unique Smokeless Gun Powder, Tula factory ‘K’ letter SKS, Vintage Russian SKS rifle is in full military configuration, complete with a canvas sling, blade bayonet, cleaning rod, and even the buttstock cleaning kit. Bid to win, as these rare letter rifles do not come up for sale very often and will continue to go up in value.

Is the Tula arsenal SKS ‘K’ marking a good gun?

The Finnish m39 Tikka, a 1958 Russian SKS variant rifle, was an improvement, but it was not a prime example of 1940s precision and craftsmanship. Still, the government liked it because it was easy to use, maintain, and manufacture. It was also cheap and quick to produce for the large number of Russian troops.

When was the Collectible Russian SKS ‘K’ letter used in war?

The Rare 1958 SKS rifle was approved for service after some experimental use at the front in 1945. However, the need to perfect it delayed its full adoption until 1949. Interestingly, its development and appearance coincided with that of the Kalashnikov assault rifle.


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