Combat Exchange Folding SKS Folding Synthetic Stock, Excellent Condition


Designed with Combat Exchange Folding SKS Folding Synthetic user comfort in mind, the ergonomics of the Folding SKS contribute to a comfortable and controlled shooting experience.


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The Combat Exchange Folding SKS Folding Synthetic is a versatile and innovative firearm that seamlessly combines functionality and adaptability. This compact and foldable rifle is engineered for efficiency and ease of use, making it an ideal choice for various tactical situations.

The Folding SKS features a synthetic stock, providing durability and a lightweight design without compromising on strength. The folding mechanism enhances its portability, allowing for easy transportation and quick deployment when needed. This makes it a practical solution for individuals who require a firearm that can be easily stowed or carried in confined spaces.

Were Chinese SKS used in Vietnam?

The SKS was widely used by North Vietnamese and Vietcong troops and various rebel and irregular forces around the world and are still found as second-line weapons. Many of these carbines have also been imported to the United States.

Is the SKS a carbine?

The official name of the SKS in Russian is “hich translates as “Simonov se””-loading carbine”. Te”hnically, both, but if it ha” to be one or the other, it’s SKS original wood stock #11800 definitely a carbine. A carbiit’sby definition, is a shortened version of an existing rifle.

The rifle is chambered for the reliable 7.62x39mm cartridge, known for its effectiveness in a variety of scenarios. With a focus on accuracy and precision, the Combat Exchange Folding SKS is equipped with advanced sighting systems, ensuring shooters can maintain a high level of performance even in challenging conditions.


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